I am reading Luke 1 from the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible. Here are a few of my thoughts. What are your thoughts?

Luke 1 is action packed! Luke begins his book in a traditional way, demonstrating to his benefactor (Theophilus) that this text was like historical documents of the day. Luke was not an “eyewitness” or “servant of the word.”  

Whenever people interacted with an angel or had another divine experience, their first response was usually fear. Zechariah, Mary, and the townspeople at the end of the chapter all were filled with fear. Why is it that when people witnessed God’s actions, our first response is usually fear? God is One who loves, yet we constantly need to be reminded that we do not have to be afraid. The Bible records numerous situations and numerous people who are reminded that they do not have to be afraid.

Luke chapter 1 lists a number of different signs that God was working amid the people. Elizabeth becomes pregnant after others thought that she was unable to have children. Being a childless woman meant that others thought there was something wrong with her; perhaps they thought that she had sinned, or otherwise, God would have blessed her with a child. Pregnant Elizabeth is the sign to Mary that what the angel said would come true; she would be the mother of Jesus. At the very beginning of Luke’s Gospel, God uses women as part of the coming of the Kingdom. This is a theme that will continue throughout the book of Luke. In a patriarchal society, God uses women, and Jesus values women in his ministry. Do we value others like God values them? Are there those among us who society or the established church deem as unworthy, yet they are the signs that God’s Kingdom is coming to our world?

Happy reading!